What Foods Are Good For Your Health?

So you’ve read the articles, but what are some foods that are especially beneficial for your health? Here are a few suggestions:

Vegetables are high in fiber. Not only do they add flavor and color to meals, but they also help lower cholesterol. Fruits are another great source of fiber. You’ve probably heard of apricots, peaches, mangoes, and cherries. But you may not have considered other fruits with fiber, such as grapes and pineapples. You can also eat sauerkraut, which is rich in probiotics.

Avoid sweetened beverages, which often contain added sugar and do not contribute to food group goals. They also contain a large number of calories. Alcohol is not nutrient-dense and is not a part of the Dietary Guidelines. It is also high in sodium, added sugar, and saturated fat. Despite the high calorie content, alcohol is still not recommended for everyone. However, alcohol and sugary foods are okay in moderation.

The most nutritious foods are those that combine a combination of nutrients. Foods rich in fiber, antioxidants, and vitamin C are an excellent example. Moreover, many vegetables are also good for your health, so there is no need to feel deprived when choosing a meal. Aside from these, you can also eat broccoli, cauliflower, celery, cucumber, and leeks. Not only are these foods delicious, but they are also nutritious.

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