How to Prevent Food Poisoning From School Food

Have you ever gotten sick from eating school food? If yes, you are not alone. There are several ways to get sick from food. Some people get sick after eating contaminated food, while others don’t get sick at all. Here are some ways to prevent food poisoning. Make sure you wash your hands frequently and disinfect surfaces with bleach. If possible, stay home from work or school for at least two days.

According to the report, conditions in school cafeterias could trigger an outbreak of food poisoning. For example, the cafeteria in Hartford, Conn., received the lowest score out of all school systems. The Outbreak Alert database found that more than 11,000 cases of foodborne illnesses occurred in schools between 1990 and 2004. Just one outbreak could lead to a serious health risk for students, disrupting the classroom, and impacting school finances.

The symptoms of food poisoning vary widely from one person to another, and may occur hours, days, or weeks after eating contaminated food. However, they will often be mild, and can be passed on without medical care. You should visit your doctor if you think you’ve been affected by food poisoning. Your healthcare provider can advise you about the most appropriate treatment and recommend a doctor if necessary.

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