Is Sclerotherapy Worth It?

If you, like a million others, experience the pain of varicose veins and are wondering whether sclerotherapy is worth it, the answer is yes. Sclerotherapy is one of the best treatments known to mankind to treat varicose and spider veins without feeling any pain or discomfort during the procedure at all. Moreover, it is non-surgical, so the chances of complications are little to zero.

If you are considering sclerotherapy, it helps to research the procedure beforehand. The more you know, the better and more informed decisions you will be able to make. It is recommended to consult with an expert instead of reading online articles. To connect with a sclerotherapy expert, click here now and book your consultation appointment.

Benefits of sclerotherapy 

  • Sclerotherapy can alleviate the pain in your legs. 

For some people, varicose veins are purely an aesthetic concern. However, some people may experience some pain and discomfort every time they put pressure on their legs, such as walking or doing a strenuous activity. Varicose veins can cause aching, heavy, and uncomfortable legs. Therefore, sclerotherapy can not only fix the appearance of your legs but also cure the pain. 

  • Sclerotherapy is a low-risk procedure. 

All kinds of surgical procedures come with some risks of complications. The good thing about sclerotherapy is that it is non-surgical and, thus, non-invasive and extremely low risk. 99% of the patients who undergo sclerotherapy do not experience complications afterward. The procedure does not require sedatives, as only a thin needle is injected into the skin, which only causes a little sting. 

  • Sclerotherapy can relieve heaviness and leg soreness. 

As already mentioned, varicose veins can cause pain and heaviness in your legs when put under pressure. This can cause discomfort and come in the way of doing your daily life activities. Most people experience aches and heaviness in their calves. Sclerotherapy can fix this form of discomfort. 

  • Sclerotherapy is easy. 

One of the best things about sclerotherapy is that it is an extremely easy and quick procedure to perform. It generally does not take more than 30 to 45 minutes, so even the most busy-scheduled people can also get it done. You do not need to prepare for the treatment but may have to lay off certain medications for a day or two. Consult your doctor about it.

Moreover, the aftercare of the treatment is not complex as well. You can immediately return to work and do your daily household chores without facing any complications. Although, you may be restricted from lifting heavy items or doing any strenuous activities for a few days.

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