Surgery for various professions

In the past, eye and nose surgery to correct inferiority or to make it more beautiful was very popular. But nowadays most people do plastic surgery to enhance their careers. Enhance your personality to stand out with your abilities. 

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Fresh graduates who are looking for a job come to a beauty clinic to enhance their first impression at job interviews. Company employees come to the surgery clinic. to create a good personality to suit their career Surgery has become an investment. for job searching or advancement in work

Nowadays, it is not only celebrities who pay attention to their appearance, other professions such as athletes, politicians, etc. are also familiar with plastic surgery. Instead of having too many surgeries that make you look weird or “too many”, you should do plastic surgery to enhance your appearance. Each profession has different plastic surgery or beauty values. Instead of making double eyelids bigger or enhancing the nose. should keep the same face Just make adjustments and edits to make the image look better.

News anchors should look smart and polite. Has a friendly smile and a pleasant conversation. People who dream of becoming a newscaster should have cosmetic surgery to make them look smarter rather than making their faces like a celebrity. Correction of the tip of the nose from the original height of the nose to make it look resolute instead of adding a very prominent nose. nose shape correction In order to fix a bent nose, puffy nose, rose nose, etc., nose surgery will help make the face look sharper. The image looks believable. In addition, small eyes that make them look uncomfortable can be sharpened with double eyelid surgery.

Flight attendants are a profession that requires a bright smile and a modern look. Facial surgery should be performed to look sharp by correcting the shape of the eyes and opening the eyelids. Because this profession must always collect the hair open on the forehead. Therefore, forehead surgery should be performed and square jaw surgery to be V-line to make the face look tender.

Occupations that have received much attention and competition in the labor market are such as teachers or civil servants. Basically, there must be a modest and convincing image. Even if you don’t have to focus on appearance as much as other occupations, looking friendly and inviting is more than half the battle. People in this profession often prefer to have plastic surgery to reduce wrinkles between the eyebrows and cheek lines to make them look better. or surgery to correct a protruding chin, crooked face, especially cheek groove surgery or Botox injections that look natural as if they weren’t done.

Surgery for people at the level of CEOs, executives, male company employees It has become commonplace to help look charming and elegant. If the corners of your eyes fall or your eyes look sleepy Corrected by eye correction surgery and wrinkle correction Including fat injections under the eyes, the eyes will look sharp and bright, look confident. A protruding chin makes him look stiff and not bright. The short chin makes him look weak and indecisive. These problems can be solved to look better with jaw surgery.

Men can do surgery

Overcoming the inferiority complex to build confidence isn’t just for women. Men too, probably because of this. Many men are interested in appearance. and do not regret the money to invest for this until being called a cosmetic man. Women also tend to favor men who take care of themselves more than impulsive men. This era is the era of handsome men like Nichkhun or Song Joong Ki. Noticed that there is a list of beauty items for men. The online community for men with plastic surgery is becoming more and more popular. The era of men’s face-to-face competition has arrived.

Natural looking eye surgery for men

Many men come to plastic surgery clinics because they want to have a more refined and refined appearance. Solve the problem of small eyes or eyes that look hard But will not do surgery to make double eyelids that look too sharp. While women prefer to do large double eyelids, men prefer to have smaller, natural looking double eyelid surgeries. Or fix the eyes that look dull and pale to be sharper and brighter only

Natural looking eye surgery for men 1 / single point suture type

Suitable for people who want to have eye surgery to look natural as if it was not done. It has the advantage of not being able to see wounds on the eyelids and to recover quickly. Solve the problem of inelastic eyelids and drooping eyelids

Natural looking eye surgery for men 2/small incision

It is a method that adapts the advantages of a natural, scar-free, fast-recovery single-point suture method, and an incision method that can remove fat and the eye layer does not loosen easily. It will cut the skin around the eyelids 4-5 mm long to remove excess fat. then sew the muscles The eyelids are attached to the inside of the skin. The resulting eyelids will look natural. Not easy to loosen as men want. The patient is therefore very satisfied.

Natural looking eye surgery for men 3/eye shape correction

Eyelid correction surgery for men with weak eyes that don’t look bright by folding or cutting the muscles that pull up the eyelids The eyelids are then pulled up as the length of the muscles is reduced. After the surgery, the eyes will look sharp. gives more confidence

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