What Are the Gangnam Style Lyrics in English?

One of the most popular K-pop songs of all time is Gangnam Style, and the music video encapsulates this phenomenon in one catchy song. It’s difficult to hear the lyrics when the video is played in English, but it’s worth trying to understand the meaning behind it. In this article, we will explain some of the underlying meanings behind the lyrics, and provide some examples.

Firstly, what is ‘Oppa’? This is a Korean word that means ‘older brother’. Generally, this word is used to refer to a male friend, such as a brother or an older brother. The song has become one of the most popular songs in the world, and PSY has been featured on many U.S. shows and MTV. The song is said to be a tribute to the affluent districts of Seoul, which PSY has described as “Oppa” for those who have an older brother. The song’s chorus is said to mean “guy having ‘Gangnam Style’, and it has received over a billion views on You Tube.

The Korean rapper Psy has toured the U.S. for the past few weeks, appearing on the Today show, MTV VMAs, Ellen, Saturday Night Live, and the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The song is so popular that it has even infiltrated American culture. Psy even improvised a horse-dance at the Dodgers game. He has not yet heard what Vin Scully thinks of it.

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