What Song Changed Your Life?

Bob Boilen, a veteran music journalist and host of NPR’s All Songs Considered, has asked musicians what song changed their lives. More than two dozen artists have contributed to the book, “Your Song Changed My Life.” Contributors include Dave Grohl, Sturgill Simpson, David Byrne, Michael Stipe, Carrie Brownstein, Spike Jones, Jenny Lewis, and many more.

Besides the above, the album cover features surrealist concepts, which are often hard to imagine. Another one by the Beatles is “Stardust,” which opened their first concert following JFK’s assassination. “Redemption Song,” by Bob Marley, focuses on change, and it has a lyrical theme that everyone is responsible for changing themselves for the better. As a result, many people were moved by the lyrics of this song.

If you’re looking for a more contemporary example, consider “Waiting On the World to Change,” by David Bowie. It is about artistic reinvention and self-examination. While Smith is better known for her albums, her song “People Have the Power” is also about social empowerment. Regardless of the genre of the song, this one is likely to make a big impact. The lyrics have a great power to change your life.

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