Workplace Politics – Why Aprons Are So Strict at Home Depot

At Home Depot, you’re expected to wear a shirt with a certain color. In addition to your apron, you should wear pants or slacks. While you’re allowed to wear shorts or a pair of jeans, you’re not allowed to wear any other clothing with the company’s brand name, including T-shirts. Additionally, you’re not allowed to wear tights or body art, which would compromise your safety.

You can wear jeans as long as they are clean and are not too dark. The apron should cover the bottom half of the thigh, which is the most difficult part of removing stains. At Home Depot, you should also wear comfortable shoes. If you’re worried about getting a blister, you should wear closed-toed shoes. Home Depot also doesn’t allow employees to wear hats because they might distract from the task at hand.

While many employers allow their employees to wear aprons while working, Home Depot has a different set of rules. They’re not allowed to take them outside of the store. This rule is to prevent people from posing as employees and messing with the store’s inventory and customers. The aprons are also not allowed to be worn by anyone other than employees. Moreover, they are required to wash and dry them inside the store.

Another Home Depot employee was recently suspended and terminated after he refused to remove a patriotic button from his apron. Keezor, a Christian, had worn the button because he supported his country and his brother who served in Iraq. The NLRB charges have re-ignited the debate on workplace politics. The case was originally filed in October 2009, but the American Family Association filed a lawsuit against Home Depot in the New York Times last year.

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